The Elements Flashcards by Theodore Gray


The Elements Flashcards by Theodore Gray

Flashcards is based on the ground-breaking original app The Elements, turned into a powerful memory aid for those moments when you really need to know your elements. No distractions, just the facts: name, symbol, atomic number, group. • Sample some of the magic behind The Elements, one of the most exciting apps ever made. • Challenge your knowledge of the periodic table. • See if you can identify chemical elements by their symbol alone. • Test your knowledge of the groups in the periodic table. • Drag and drop elements to their correct position on the periodic table. • Can you identify an element from its picture alone? The Elements Flashcards is perfect for students revising for GCSEs, SATs, A-levels, or for anyone who just wants to check if they know the periodic table as well as they think they do. **** Learn more about Touchpress at Don’t forget to follow us at or to learn more about our incredible apps.

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