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The DeskBell

Application DeskBell provides quick, easy and convenient orientation in the hotel you are staying in. No more need to use the room booklets with the description of your hotel options. All the information will be stored in the convenient application of your mobile phone. In the DeskBell app you’ll find: ? The most detailed description of restaurants and bars of your hotel with photos, work time and possible information on dress code and age limit. ? Menus of all restaurants with photos and prices. You’ve never seen such a convenient navigation and information rich menu. ? You’ll be always aware of the breakfast time and place in your hotel and won’t miss it. ? Information on possibility and time delivery of food in room with description and photos. ? All necessary hotel telephone numbers. No need to ask how to call your friend at the reception, in the SPA or from the cleaner. ? Convenient navigation through your hotel map. Wherever you are, at the restaurant, on the beach or parking lot, the hotel map is in your telephone. You can always find the way to the interested object or make a rout to the nearest toilet or swimming pool. Navigation functions in the off-line mode too. ? Full information on the hotel rooms. You’d like to upgrade your room. No problem. You may quickly look through the photos and description of the rooms available at the hotel. ? Full information on entertainment activities at the hotel. Timing and rules of attending the beach and the swimming pool. Place and time of animation programs and sporting events, opening time of a child’s room. Rental of different equipment. ? Time and place of work and the telephone number of the concierge. ? Always valuable information on time and place of special events taking place at the hotel. ? Information on discounts and special offers. Application DeskBell is convenience and comfort! Now, coming to a new hotel you’ll always know where the information you need is. It is a unique application for the entire hotel you are visiting. Make your stay at the hotel COMFORTABLE! The hotel list is being formed.

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