The Data Mindset Playbook


The Data Mindset Playbook

Have you ever wondered how companies like Amazon and LinkedIn have used Data Science to get ahead? The Data Mindset Playbook is a collection of Big Data and Analytics stories told by Data Scientists and Data Strategists. Finding value in data, whether that data is big, huge or small requires more than a technology solution and a good analyst. Truly game-changing insights are uncovered when the analyst is able to take a fresh perspective on the bigger picture, the data, the business and the people. However for both business executives and analysts alike, taking that alternative perspective is hard. The Data Mindset Playbook supplies a set of inspirational case studies that can be applied to many business situations to change the way it can be perceived. You can use them when thinking through a business problem, a reporting scenario or just to help change your perspective. Here’s one for free! You’re debating about selling your car. To help you make a decision, reverse the situation. Imagine you have already sold your car, and are considering buying it back (for the same price). Having a car and possibly losing it feels very different than paying money to acquire a car when you don't have to. Tewari Analysis from the game of ‘Go’ suggests creating an alternative but logically equivalent scenario to resolve an argument or make a decision. Changing the scenario can help overcome status quo bias, something that is very useful when looking at a process from a data perspective. Applying the Data Mindset: For problems where you need additional data to make a decision. Step back from your data problem and look at the underlying business. What is its purpose? How does it go about achieving its objectives? What would happen if you had absolutely no data to work with? How could the objectives be achieved? This free deck of cards contains 10 Case Studies and Lessons that can be applied. More cards will be available by unlocking levels as you become more experienced. Download it today, you’ve got nothing to lose.

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