Tarot of Magus -Fortune Catcher


Tarot of Magus -Fortune Catcher

Catch your future! An original, tarot divination app based on the Thoth Tarot. Also known as Tarot of Magus, the Thoth Tarot is a tarot deck loved around the world. Simple controls app, only starting the app and one shaking. Catch and tap the card to turn it over and display your message. ?? ?Put in your honest thought... For a change of pace... A fortune to start the day... ?Have fun with Fortune Catcher, a new Tarot app for the 21st century.? ?[ Catch the Card ]? A simple single oracle. ?*General : A general, comprehensive message for you? *Work : A message about your job, wealth, and success? *Love : A message about love and personal relations ?Choose one from General, Work, Love, and put your heart into one good shake of your iPhone. Consider having a companion with which you can share what's on your mind, what goals you are aiming for, your emotions, and more. ?Gaze steadily at the card you took.?Tap the card to turn it over and display your message. ?When you wake up in the morning, before a date, preparing for a big presentation… what you have in your hand then is a message guiding you to happiness. ?? Caution : Do not throw your iPhone.?? [ Birthday Card ]? A card just for you, based on the day you were born and a unique tarot numerology. Choose your date of birth, and tap a button of Show Card. It shows the theme and the keyword that card holds.?? [ Card List ]? View all 22 original designed cards, themes, and keywords in Fortune Catcher. ? *Pop art-styled, cute original card designs by Airside Nippon --------------------------------------------------- Airside is the award-winning design studio originally set up in London, UK in 1998 and now in Tokyo, Japan. Working across all media including; graphic design, illustration, digital, TV commercials and moving image. We create engaging still and moving graphic visuals. --------------------------------------------------- ?*Over 200 messages that guide you to happiness --------------------------------------------------- Edit by Yumi Mashu A creative tarot that brings about a new vision, that is ‘Magician’s Tarot’. Studied under the number one tarot reader in Japan Mr. Leon Salila. Comprehensively learnt ‘Throth’s Tarot’ along with Mr. Leon and manages the course on the way of life, the Tarot Kingdom. Presently appears at events at Shizuoka Parco, has many fans, and also works as a western fortune-telling lecturer. ********************************************************? Thoth Tarot is…? a tarot deck created by the 20th century magician Aleister Crowley and illustrated by female painter Frieda Harris. The Book of Thoth, which describes the use of the Thoth Tarot, was published in 1944, but the cards were not produced during the lifetimes of the two creators. The actual cards were made in 1969.? This tarot has had great influence in the modern era. ******************************************************** ?iOS4.0 or later / iPhone(4S,4,3GS,3G) / iPod touch / iPad exchange?? Caution : You can use this application on the iPad as you do on the iPhone.? Take adequate care not to throw the iPad or hit anyone near you.? Produced by Mtrans Co., Ltd.

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