Taoist Talisman HD


Taoist Talisman HD

***Video Demo: http://youtu.be/OPgJ4iTPTPY Taoist Talisman is an app that reveals the mistery of Chinese Taoist Talisman. It animates the whole course of drawing a Taoist Talisman, with great details of meaning and spell involved in every single stroke. Besides watching, you can learn to draw talismans on the screen, with your fingers as an ink brush! You'll be definitely impressed by not only the charm of Taoist Talismans but also the elegance of Chinese calligraphy. PLAYBACK FEATURES - Just like a movie player, you can play, forward, rewind or pause in the unit of stroke. - Comfortable drawing speed. - Explanation and directive of every stroke. - Plenty of elegant and beautiful examples. DRAWING FEATURES - Elabroate algorithms to fit strokes to those made by ink brush on a piece of paper. - Adjustable brush size and dynamic parameters, i.e., dynamically adjusting the stroke thickness according to the moving speed of your fingers. - Zoomable canvas. - Unlimited undo and redo. - Autosave. - Snapshot and save to photo album. Support email: quadrature_support@yeah.net

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