Swift Shopper: Shopping List and Coupons


Swift Shopper: Shopping List and Coupons

Make your life more efficient using Swift Shopper's shopping list and mobile checkout. Swift Shopper is the shopping app that eliminates lines and hassle at ANY retail store with a hand held scanner. Scan your items, checkout and go! SHOPPING SMARTER As you pull items from the shelf and put them into your shopping cart, simply scan the barcodes with your Swift Shopper App. Never forget an item again as Swift Shopper matches each item to your shopping list. Press checkout and present your app to the cashier. The barcodes from your groceries or other items will be presented as well as the loyalty card for that store at checkout on the app. The best part? You don’t have to lift a finger moving a single grocery or item to the conveyor belt. SHOPPING ORGANIZED Swift Shopper App has interactive shopping lists that are checked off as you scan, and there is a place to store loyalty cards for easy access at checkout. Need to shop at more than one place? No problem, Swift Shopper lets you make many lists (grocery list, hardware store list, etc.) that are easily pulled from during shopping. In the “Shop” screen, scroll through your shopping list by pressing the Swift Shopper App logo. As you scan, each item is matched to your selected list and is marked off. No bouncing back and forth from shopping list to scanner. Swift Shopper also neatly organizes your reward cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, and store cards for you. At checkout, simply flip through your Swift Shopper “loyalty cards” that are organized on your Swift Shopper App or use the check-in feature that will pull the appropriate store card automatically. SHOPPING EFFICIENTLY Whether you need a more organized approach to making shopping lists, a more accessible way to remember your loyalty cards, or just a way to grocery shop faster than ever before, Swift Shopper App is for you. Swift Shopper maximizes your time by efficiently bundling all aspects of shopping into one unbelievably simple shopping app. Download the universal, fast, checkout app, Swift Shopper, today! Features: •Scan barcodes on items to add them to your shopping cart •Make grocery lists and other shopping lists to organize shopping •Store your Loyalty Cards, Membership Cards, Reward Cards •Keep a Running Total in the Items Tab •Swift checkout in ANY store – retailers only need a hand scanner that can read a smartphone •Check-in for a store specific shopping experience with our retail partners •Deals Upcoming Features: •Digital Coupons •Full Mobile Payment Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SwiftShopperApp https://twitter.com/myswiftdeals Become a fan on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SwiftShopperApp/ https://www.facebook.com/stopcrunchingstartliving/

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    This app is definitely a must have for busy moms
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    It also makes my shopping experience so much faster”
    In and out is how I go grocery shopping now”
    A great way to save time when you have little ones with you”
    Perfect for college students
    It's an especially helpful concept for couponers
    This is a super convenient app to use”
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