SuperFlash Elements - Periodic Table of Elements Study Guide & Quizzes


SuperFlash Elements - Periodic Table of Elements Study Guide & Quizzes

Can you identify Nitrogen on the Periodic Table? Do you know what element’s symbol is “K” and how to spell its name? What is the classification for Plutonium? SuperFlash Elements is a colorful flash card app that will help you quickly learn and test your memory about every element’s location, classification, symbol and spelling. It’s great for both teaching and learning. Features: • Study Table with 118 elements (Hydrogen through Ununoctium) and 10 classifications (Alkali Metals, Alkaline Earth Metals, Transition Metals, Lanthanides, Actinides, Other Metals, Metalloids, Other Nonmetals, Halogens & Nobel Gases). • Colorful cards for each element showing element name, symbol, number, atomic weight, classification, occurrence in nature, and phase (at room temperature). • Colorful cards for each classification showing name, location in the Periodic Table, and few quick facts. • Quizzes divided into 4 sections: 1. Locations: to test how well you can place every element onto the Periodic Table. 2. Names: to test how well you can identify all elements by numbers/symbols. 3. Symbols: to test how well you can identify the symbol for each element. 4. Classifications: to test how well you can identify an element’s classification. • Locations is a puzzle quiz in which you put each element into its correct spot in the Table. • Names & Symbols feature three levels (elements 1-36, elements 1-80, elements 1-118) and two quiz options: 1. Multiple choice: to test your recognition skills 2. Type in answer: to check your memory and spelling • Classifications is a multiple choice quiz featuring all 118 elements. • Once you submit your answer, you are always shown the correct answer. • All quizzes feature progress indicators so you can keep track of how well you’re doing as you go. • Questions (and multiple choice options) presented in random order - it’s never the same quiz twice. • Subtle sounds with a sound on/off option. • Designed specifically for the iPad and comes complete with no in-app purchases or third-party ads. • Excellent tool for the individual student or for an entire class. Also check out SuperFlash Numbers and SuperFlash United States!

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