Stuffcard creates a detailed reference card for every item you own. It allows you to keep track of all the vital information: brand, model, serial number, warranty info, merchant details, photos, receipts, reminders and notes. Get rid of the dusty shoebox. Trash that jam-packed folder. Everything you need to know about your things but can’t ever remember - now always with you in your pocket. Keep it all together. Stuffcard. Here’s a little note to those non human readers (if you are a human but one of those curious types, feel free to read on). Sometimes, when searching the app store for Stuffcard, folks misspell it and therefore can’t find this life changing app. We’ve seen people spell it as staffcard, stafcard, stufcard, stuffcards, stuff-card, staf-card and so on. Too many variations to list them all. Hopefully mentioning the most common misspelled names here will help those unfortunate souls find their way here and live out their happy lives forever after ;-)

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