Store Finder: Local Business Search by Vintelli


Store Finder: Local Business Search by Vintelli

Looking for the best restaurant near your home? Searching for a gym nearby?Want to hire the best plumbing service provider in your area? Vintelli is an innovative local business search app with an intelligent search functionality that can help you find different businesses in an area easily. So, the next time you are somewhere and you don't know the best restaurant in the area, you can rely on Vintelli to help you find it within seconds. Features: Vintelli's smart search function lets you look for businesses and services based on business type, location and distance. You can view the directions for a specific business in this local store search app. Every business in Vintelli has its own business page, where you can find a brief overview of the business. A business page also has customer reviews about the business. Vintelli aggregates customer reviews from multiple platforms, to let you form a more authentic idea about the business. Based on the aggregated customer reviews, Vintelli offers a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) to a business, which is actually a score for the business out of 5. When choosing a business or service, you can decide better by seeing the CSI for the business. Add your reviews about a business after receiving services from them. With Vintelli, you can make a better decision when it comes to choosing any local business or service. Vintelli has thousands of local businesses listed in it, and lets you find the one that suits you the best. Also get best deals and coupons from our coupon and marketplace section. Download the Vintelli app now!

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