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Star Tweeter

Star Tweeter is a Twitter client application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Star Tweeter allows you to view your Twitter timeline of tweets in a very convenient fashion. It is very simple to organize your tweets: just touch the profile image of a friend and through the "stars" and "tag" feature, you can view friends in a timeline based on the amount of stars you give them or a tag without having to make a public list! This app also gives you the ability to give individual nicknames to your friends and all settings will be saved to your phone. Features: - view timeline by giving friends 0 to 5 stars - view timeline by tagging friends - auto-refresh of timeline, mentions, and direct messages to you - view your lists and the timeline of your lists - search timeline in real-time and manage the history of searches - manage and search "saved searches" - view trending topics in real-time, today, and the week - Nearby search with map view - view replies like a thread - support services of shortening URLs and image uploading

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