Explore the world, with a competitive twist! Squack has divided the world into 500 million virtual squares - each around 1 square km (one-third of square mile) in area. Your goal is to physically visit and collect as many as possible! Going on a trip, travelling by bus, train, or boat? Do you drive for a living, or maybe just enjoy lots of hiking, biking, or other exploring? Squack will keep track of your travels and mark your path as you go. See where you've been, and where you have yet to cover. Think you're a worldly traveller? Now you can find out - Squack will show you just how you measure up compared to your friends and fellow Squackers around the world! No data connection is required while you're Squacking. Data is only required for your first login and to view the map or high scores. FEATURES - Facebook login or create an in-app login account - High score list - compare against entire worldwide list of Squackers, or just against your Facebook friends - Change the color of your squares - Changing devices? Port your squares to a new device via the cloud! (premium feature) Squack is a new concept and we would highly value any and all feedback. We reply to all concerns and inquiries quickly so let us know anytime if you have any questions. In the meantime, get Squacking! ! Please note that as with all navigation apps, continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life. Please respect local laws. These include restrictions on mobile device usage on commercial airlines as well as avoiding trespassing onto private property.

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