Sportfusion - TDF 2015 Unofficial News Edition


Sportfusion - TDF 2015 Unofficial News Edition

-- Unofficial app --- Get a full coverage of Tour de France 2015 ! The app will provide you with the new, stories, interviews, results, videos, rumors, injuries and much more on this year's Tour de France race! There is no better way to follow an event! Features include - - A news summary covering stories from all sources ! Clean feed with no repeated stories. For each story - see all sources that covered it with a simple tap ! - Push notifications for prominent stories and/or your chosen topics making sure you're up to date, even when you're busy (optional)! - Videos curated from Youtube channels - Your very own news feed - choose the topics you want to follow, the topics you want blocked, and the topics you want to get notifications about! Don't bother yourself with news that don't interest you! - State your mind! An in-app commenting system lets you start discussions on any article you want! - Social News - see what your Facebook friends, and the people you follow on Twitter have to say on various stories! - Built in read later - save interesting stories inside the app! iPhone features only - - Block source - Don't like a certain source? Block it and you won't see coverage from it in the app! - Collapsed mode - a mode that allows you to skim through the news quickly and efficiently and decide what you want to read! Full satisfaction guaranteed, and for free! Loved it? Let us know by rating us high and share it with your friends! Use of the Sportfusion Application is governed by the Sportfusion Terms of Use (

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