Speak Dolphin - My Speaking and Joking Baby Dolphin


Speak Dolphin - My Speaking and Joking Baby Dolphin

Dolphin App - Talking Dolphin - Dolphin Game Hi, I'm Baby Dolphin. Want to talk like a dolphin or speak dolphin? You can dress up your own silly dolphin, like a cowboy, spaceman, baseball player, lawyer and more, then choose a background and a hat and bring your own talking dolphin to life. Record your own voice and play it back to see your speaking dolphin talk back to you. Hear dolphin jokes, fish jokes, ocean animal jokes, and more. I even do a talking dolphin stand-up comedy routine! Want to hear some dolphin jokes? What did the boy octopus say to the girl octopus? Want to hold my hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, and hand??? This will keep your young children and babies occupied for a long time. Looking for an app for babies, or apps for children? This speaking dolphin app is great. My dolphin trainer is Joshua. He is just 6 years old and helped create me. He is also going to give a portion of all speaking dolphin app sales to Betty Cares, a charity currently at Miami Childrens Hospital Foundation which helps provide support for caregivers of children who are injured, disabled or sick. Support Joshua and Betty Cares today! We are not affiliated in any way with any other talking app, joking app, or speaking animal app, including talking tom, talking horse, talking birds, talking cats, or speaking dogs. Some keywords which may help you find us may include talking animal app, speaking dolphin app, baby dolphin app, dolphin apps, dolphin games, games with dolphins, hospital apps, charity, charitable apps, apps for children, baby apps, child apps, children 6 and under, dolphin game, talk dolphin, clownfish, porpoise, angry dolphin, angry, silly, kid apps, happy, funny, comedy app, comic app, funny app, jokes, best, football, baseball, nurse, medical, doctor app, stand up routine, best apps, funniest apps for children, stand up comedy, 5 and under.

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