Sound Grenade


Sound Grenade

Sound Grenade gives you instant crowd control. That party get a little bit out of control? Sound Grenade is the answer. Plug your iPod touch or iPhone into some speakers and crank up the volume. Sound Grenade generates a really, really annoying, nauseating and headache producing high pitched sound. You can use it with just the device's inbuilt speaker as well. If you are at a dinner party, and want it to end, turn on sound grenade in your pocket. No one will be able to work out where the sound is coming from. Disclaimer: Use this app sensibly. Don't over amplify. Playing any sound or music at a high volume for an extended period of time can damage hearing. Please refer to the standard App Store EULA for more information. ------------------ NEW ALARM FUNCTION ------------------ -Motion activated -You cant turn it off unless you tap the screen with three fingers or quit the app! ----------------- NEW TIMER FUNCTION ----------------- -Great for stealth attacks! ----------------- NEW STROBE FUNCTION ----------------- -Play with the sliders and watch people's heads spin ----------------- New Grenades Available Now -----------------

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  • Highligths
    I tried it on my parents and they couldn't hear it”
    This has to be the greatest prank app of all time”
    Very good ecept alarm function
    This is like mosquito ringtone from Bluetooth wireless”
    This app is so fun to annoy friends and everyone”
    Really funny to play pranks on people”
  • Keep in mind
    • • • • The fact that if used it will blow out your speakers
    My headphones make a rattleing noise everytime I listen to music

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