Sonic The Hedgehog 4™ Episode I


Sonic The Hedgehog 4™ Episode I

The sequel fans have waited 16 years for is finally here - Sonic The Hedgehog™ 4 Episode I! Featuring enhanced gameplay elements, including the classic Sonic Spin Dash, and the versatile Homing Attack, Sonic 4 picks up right where Sonic and Knuckles™ left off. ____________________________ 2 EXCLUSIVE LEVELS!!! Two exclusive levels built specifically for play on the iPhone & iPod Touch using the accelerometer. NEW MOVES All of Sonic's classic moves are available, including the newer Homing Attack which will add a new level of control and excitement. CLASSIC SONIC STAGES Race through 4 unique zones containing 4 acts each as well as 7 special stages. SPECIAL STAGES RETURN A staple of the Genesis-era games, the special stages return allowing fans to collect the 7 Chaos Emeralds and unlock Super Sonic. REVAMPED CLASSIC BOSS BATTLES Dr. Eggman returns with new and improved mechas and will go berserk when he accumulates damage. GamePro - “…this looks and feels like a genuine Sonic game, deserving of the "4" attached to its title.” IGN – “After an afternoon in its presence it's become seared in our conscience just like the classic levels of the early Sonics – and surely that's reason enough to have faith in Sonic the Hedgehog 4.” - - - - - Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: © SEGA. All rights reserved. SEGA, the SEGA logo, Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic The Hedgehog4™ Episode I are registered trademarks or trademarks of SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd. or its affiliates.

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  • Highligths
    Probably the best sonic game I have ever played”
    It feels like the old school Sega Sonic titles”
    There are just too few of them with good replay value
    It didn't make much sense with the classic games
    The frame rate stutters and that makes it feel slow”
    This may be the best sonic side scroller ive ever played”
    One game center isnt working/connecting with the game at all”
  • Keep in mind
    No High res support crappy game and I'm a huge fan”
    Please fix the Sega jingle and sound effects
    But the level design and controls aren't very good”
    I was happy to play this game but it crash when open”

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