SongStepper - Song Writing Made Easy


SongStepper - Song Writing Made Easy

Learn how to write great pop music in this one-of-a-kind, interactive songwriting course. Note by note, part by part, instrument by instrument, we build the music for a pop song from scratch. Starting from just a few simple chords, discover how to create the melodies and full electronic arrangements for the intro, verses, bridge and chorus. SongStepper features animated scores, graphics and music audio. While musical scores are displayed, reading music is not required to understand these easy to follow lessons. Even if you have absolutely no music theory knowledge, a quick intro section provides all the info you need to get started. The free download gives you these topics: - Introduction (free download version) - The Chorus - Chorus Arrangement When you purchase the full version of SongStepper, you get these topics: - Introduction (full app version) - A Tiny Drop Of Music Theory - The Major Scale - Creating Chords - Creating A Full Song - The Chorus - The Verse - The Bridge - The Intro - The Arrangement - Intro Arrangement - Verse Arrangement - Bridge Arrangement - Chorus Arrangement - Complete Song Mix - Final Words SongStepper's creators, Gary Guttman and Greg Miller are both classically trained composers as well as rock/pop musicians. Gary and Greg both studied music composition with Pulitzer Prize winning composer Karel Husa. Gary's music is heard round the globe in television shows, IMAX films and theme parks. His compositions have been performed by some of the most prestigious orchestras in the world including the London Symphony Orchestra and the Toronto Symphony. He was also a keyboardist for the iconic pop group Missing Persons, and can be heard on their hits "Destination Unknown" and "Mental Hopscotch" (recorded in Frank Zappa's home by legendary record producer and Beatle's engineer Ken Scott). Greg was the keyboardists for the rock group Honest Lies and has written several off-Broadway shows. He's the owner of a leading software training company and his HTML based instruction guides and reference materials stands as unique resources in the field of computer-based training. For the past decade, Gary Guttman and Greg Miller have focused their talents and energies on creating innovative and entertaining music education products and have garnered international acclaim. Their previous collaboration, Secret Composer is a groundbreaking software that teaches musicians how to compose music for media. Gary recently created the highly rated video course for MacProVideo entitled "Music Scoring 101-Creating Moods and Styles". User Reviews for Gary and Greg's music education products: "I purchased Secret Composer and truly it is the best product in software or book form that I have ever encountered on music theory and composition". "This course is superb! In a few words you get to the point. This is the best composition manual I've ever read". "Secret Composer is really the BEST!! Every end of a chapter I would like to e-mail you to thank you. You teach us how to make our dreams come true!!!" "I rated this course 5 stars, only because 10 stars wasn't available! I have been studying music my whole life. I have read over 100 text books on composition and watched countless videos on the subject. This course, Music Scoring 101 is hands down the best tutorial (book, video or otherwise) I have ever encountered!" "Wow. Simply Wow. This course has filled in a key aspect in my orchestration and arranging knowledge as a novice composer. Thank you so much! Please, Please, Please do more". "Fantastic course. I studied Secret Composer and this Mac Pro course delivers the materials in a fresh way. If you want to buy just one course from MacProVideo, let this be it! "OMG I have no word to express how grateful I am. This course answered so many questions I had in orchestra music. Thank you so much I want definitely more!". Thanks to all of our loyal fans for your ongoing support.

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