Baby by Smallnest - Track Breastfeeding, Sleep and Diapers


Baby by Smallnest - Track Breastfeeding, Sleep and Diapers

Raising a baby is hard - Smallnest makes parents better at it. Moms love Smallnest because it syncs to all your Apple devices, including Dad's and nanny's, and it is "baby brain" proof. Easily track feedings, sleep and diapers and share progress. TripIt's Webby-winning designer built Smallnest to make parenting easier by adding simplicity and great design. Featured by Apple in "Apps for Parents" globally in 2013 and 2014 Here's why Smallnest is the easiest to use newborn tracker: - Share and syncing across devices, and with the pediatrician or health care providers - Key info like last feeding and nap are always in view - Automatic reminders - no setup, they just appear when they should - One-handed operation with one-tap stopwatches for everything - Automatic, instant double backup keeps your baby's data safe, forever Mashable loves Smallnest! Moms love us (600+ Global reviews!): ***** "I love this app. Made keeping track of feeding very simple!" - MaAnnie12 ***** "Wonderful app, perfect for tracking babies activities especially with the 2 person sync." - 3:00 am Dad ***** "I love this app. It's so easy to use and really helps tired new parents with all of the feedings and sleep patterns." - Mitsuvegas Use Smallnest to spot patterns, anticipate pediatrician's questions - and maybe get a little more sleep, yourself. Add any activity - Type in a name for it, once, and the app will remember the next time - Time or tally anything - bath time? Play time? Medicine? - As customizable as you could ever want (or need) For working moms (and dads) - See what baby's up to any minute without bugging dad or the nanny - No more paper logs that get lost, or having to wait til you get home to see how if baby was normal today Send a baby link! - Easy sharing of your newborn's nursing, diaper and sleep history with Baby Timeline (subscription required) - Pediatrician, lactation consultant, or other moms can help you diagnose issues and discover patterns - Getting advice in a forum? Show them your timeline so other moms can give you personalized advice Breastfeeding tracker - Powerful stopwatch that you can even edit while in progress - See when your last feeding started at a glance - 2 taps to start feeding tracker - See what breast fed last so you know where to start - Simple, automatic reminders - 24 hour totals Pumping - stay connected back at work - Stopwatch and optional amount per side - See when you last expressed at a glance - Remembers units automatically - See what baby's up to at home with automatic, real time sync Sleeping baby - Consistent sleep is key to a healthy, growing baby - and to a healthy mommy! - See at a glance how long baby has slept or when baby last woke up - Mom can put baby down and dad can wake baby up - and the log is synced and always up to date - See sleep patterns over time from newborn to infant to toddler Diapers (or Nappies) - Newborns go through 8-12 diapers/nappies per day in the first few days - keep track! - Record wet, dirty or both diapers/nappies - Easily add notes (color, consistency) and see them on the main screen Sleep through the night earlier with Smallnest. Focus on important growth milestones with a simple, in sync app. Don't parent alone. Let Smallnest help.

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  • Highligths
    I couldn't recommend this App for new parents enough”
    Great way to keep track of my newborn's activity throughout the day”
    Especially when sleep deprived in the middle of the night”
    But it seems to work the same way as keeping track of feedings
    Really helps keep track of everything and user friendly”
    This app makes keeping track of baby to very easy”
    Especially the syncing feature
    I always have an internet connection
    Great app for sleepy mom and dads
    The developers are very helpful and listen to all suggestions and input”
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    No response whatsoever from developer's customer service

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