Sleep Soundly – Your Personal Sleep Diary & Alarm Tracker


Sleep Soundly – Your Personal Sleep Diary & Alarm Tracker

Need to keep track of your sleep schedule? Want to know what time you went to bed last week and what time you woke up? Or even just how many hours you slept for? Sleep soundly saves your sleep data and displays a detailed sleep graph and statistics for every night you use it. Information such as bedtime, hours spent sleeping are tracked. Wake up each morning with the latest weather forecast or see the latest news even before you’re out of bed. The app uses your phones GPS to determine your location to display relevant news and weather. If you use the ipad, then also available on it is the weather forecast for the next 7 days. One of the benefits of Sleep Soundly is its intuitive interface and easy to use controls, which out performs others. Disable the alarm by holding down for 3 seconds and the alarm automatically disables Set the sleep timer when going to bed and the app tracks the hours slept and hours left before wake up. Even if the app is pushed into the background it will continue to monitor your sleep and still wake you up on time. Sleep Soundly auto dims when the alarm is set, click once to disable dim screen and easily view the time you have slept and time left before waking up. Keeping your device charged during the night while the app is being used is recommended. Support for running the alarm app in the background will drain battery faster and it is recommended to have the device plugged in to use this mode. ******* For support please contacts us via ******* ******* Features ******* Hours slept log Sunrise and Sunset times Alarm setting with custom alarms 12 new custom alarms Wake up to latest weather Wake up to latest news View all existing and previous alarms Keep track of hours slept Keep track of bed time, wake up time Finds your location using GPS and then displays the current weather and temperature. Set multi-day alarms Alarm fires even in background Fade out at night and fade in in the morning Works with silent switch off Supports both ipad and iphone

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