SKEEPER Attendant


SKEEPER Attendant

SKEEPER Attendant is a free waitlist management application, part of the SKEEPER App ecosystem. Get rid of the messy clipboard and start using SKEEPER Attendant to manage any waitlist, including: restaurants, clinics, events, attractions and more. Features: - Sleek, easy to use wait list app - Restaurant interface includes custom floor plan and table assignment - Rich information: customer status, phone number, wait time, notes and preferences are clearly displayed - Track history: service time, no-shows and cancellations - Web-based management interface and reports - Fully integrated with the SKEEPER long-range paging and remote reservation system Features with SKEEPER service: - Provide the ultimate customer experience: your customers never need to waste time in the waiting room: - Customers get real time status updates on their place in line and estimated wait on the SKEEPER iPhone or Android app - Customers get notifications when you are ready to serve them - Customers can reserve their spot in-line remotely (“call ahead”) - No costly buzzers/pagers needed, ever! - Optional – easily add a waiting room monitor to displays the wait list for your customers

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