Shorthand - The Chat Translator


Shorthand - The Chat Translator

Internet Slang has become its own language in the past decade. It is used in in texting, instant messaging, social networking, and even email. Having grown into such a large language, it has become difficult to understand what some text means. Previous generations have long been excluded from this language and have had a hard time learning it. Shorthand solves this problem by directly translating your words into Shorthand. All you have to do is type in your text and Shorthand does the rest. You can also use Shorthand to learn new words so you can use new words in your texting vocabulary. Shorthand even comes with Voice Recognition so that it is easier for you to translate your text. Shorthand also can translate slang into standard text so that you can understand and become apart of the once exclusive language of Internet Slang. You can even learn new words by browsing through the dictionary. Once you enter your text, it can be sent to Mail, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, or to the Clipboard to share with your friends and family. Features ******* -More than 2000 words!!! -Simple and intuitive user interface -Voice Recognition -Browse and Search for new words -Share with your friends over Mail, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, or Copy to Clipboard to send your text to another application

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