Shifter: Interactive Graphic Novel


Shifter: Interactive Graphic Novel

SHIFTER the Interactive Graphic Novel has arrived! Innovative use of parallax animation and interactivity is masterfully woven together to create a multimedia experience of unparalleled scope, featuring the amazing voice talents of **WIL WHEATON**! *** NOTE: Compatible with iPad 2 and later, iPhone 4s and later, and iPod touch (5th generation) *** What if you could soar with the birds – not in a man-made contraption or by using virtual reality, but as an actual bird? What if you could literally be a fly on the wall in a top-secret meeting? What if you could become any animal in the world or, better yet, anybody in the world? What if you could become any creature that has ever existed (and some you never believed could exist)? Find out the answers to these questions and more in Shifter, the latest full-color graphic novel from Anomaly Productions. Shifter is a sci-fi murder mystery with a unique perspective, a pulse-pounding thriller that explores the depths of humanity’s evil and the tremendous powers of the animal kingdom. Following in the revolutionary footsteps of the ANOMALY Interactive Graphic Novel, SHIFTER lets YOU choose how YOU want to enjoy this sublime Hitchcockian murder-mystery with a decadent sci-fi twist. Read on your own or listen to a cast of eight actors, drawn from FILM, TELEVISION and VIDEO GAMES lend their brilliant voice talents to breathe life into each spoken role. This is not “books-on-CD” narration… This is the best of AUDIO CINEMA, complete with music, sound effects and so much more! Enjoy the first chapter for free, then unlock the rest of the content to experience: - 9 Epic Chapters - 200 Fully Painted Pages - 65 Interactive Touch Points - 875 Panels of Art - 2½ Hours of Audio Discover more at *** FEATURING ACTORS YOU KNOW AND LOVE!!! *** Wil Wheaton, Dave Fennoy, Olivia d’Abo, Allyson Ryan, Anthony Cistaro, Keith Szarabajka, David Lodge and Ryan Cooper. Don’t just take our word for it -- IMDB them! *** TONS OF BACKSTORY AND INFORMATION PROVIDED BY “JEEVES” *** A fully interactive appendix is included. There are over sixty entries detailing the characters, places and objects in the Shifter universe. Let Jeeves the alien computer show you the story behind the story. *** HAVE THE BOOK “ACTED OUT” FOR YOU WITH FULL VOICEOVERS!!! *** A graphic novel is nice. A graphic novel that reads to you with cinematic-level voice acting is what previous generations could only dream about… That dream is now REALITY! Evocative musical scores set the mood for dynamic voice acting. The entire experience is further heightened by professional-grade sound effects that bring together a “digital book” done in a way you’ve NEVER experienced before! (With the exception of our other interactive graphic novel, ANOMALY!) Explore each gorgeous, painted panel at your leisure. Go ahead. We can wait… Extensive PARALLAX lends motion in ways no static page ever could. “Get pulled into the action” in a very literal way. Simply tap when you’re ready to move on. And did we mention we’ve got internet, voice and acting phenom, WIL WHEATON, in SHIFTER’S leading role? Oh, yeah. We went there…and he brought it! *** LET THE BOOK PLAY LIKE A MOVIE!!! *** Sit back and relax… Auto-play will “act out” SHIFTER for you without the need to so much as lift a finger. Want letters out of the way? Turn them off! This is as close as any graphic novel can possibly get to the theater experience without being fully animated!

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