Shark Net - Predators of the Blue Serengeti


Shark Net - Predators of the Blue Serengeti

Shark Net gives you a deep look into research being done by Stanford University scientists and the worldwide collaborative research of GTOPP - the Global Tagging of Pacific Predators project ( Shark Net allows you to connect directly with one of the most amazing predators on the planet – white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias), which return every year to the Gulf of the Farallones and Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuaries along the California coastline. White sharks are apex predators in our coastal and open ocean ecosystems. Using electronic tags attached to these sharks, you will follow when individuals pass by strategically-placed underwater acoustic listening stations that are satellite uplinked in coastal locations. This technology provides the capacity for real-time uplinks from a shark within 5 minutes of its detection. We also have mobile Wave Gliders cruising the ocean waters, and when a tagged white shark swims past, the detections are sent to the app. ? Support Shark Research and Get an Exclusive Shark Card Shark Net is free for everyone, but you can support the research behind Shark Net by adding a message to the Pledge Wall! Everyone who pledges (0.99+) gets access to "Scar Girl" - an exclusive shark with a 3D model, awesome photos, and videos. All proceeds benefit shark research at Stanford University (see for more information). ? Great White Highway, Discovery, Thursday, 9PM Great White Highway, part of Discovery Channel's Shark Week 2012, follows the Stanford University and Monterey Bay Aquarium White shark research team and their missions to tag and understand the movements of white sharks. Learn more about the sharks in this app, this Thursday on Discovery. ? Features • Interactive 3D models of individual sharks, buoys, and wave gliders, along with biographies and sighting histories • Customizable map views showing bathymetry, land forms, and marine charts • In-depth information on the buoys and Wave Gliders we use to study these animals • Photos and videos from our research team, showing these magnificent animals in their native habitats • Push notification option to receive real-time data about shark sightings • Double-tap 3D sharks to see them bite • Historical Track Data from pop up satellite tags

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