ServerControl by Stratospherix


ServerControl by Stratospherix

ServerControl allows you to reboot or shutdown your Windows computers as well as control their services remotely from your iPhone, wherever you are. Managing Windows servers inevitably means rebooting them, or restarting services, and ServerControl is a very convenient way to do this. If you’re out of the office, simply connect over your VPN and initiate a reboot or restart a hung service. For home users, if you stream videos to your iPad whilst in bed, use ServerControl to shut down your PC afterwards. ServerControl connects directly and doesn’t use or require a Remote Desktop session. No additional software is necessary on the remote computer. REBOOT/SHUTDOWN - Immediate or delayed reboot/shutdown. - Choose whether running applications should be forced to close. - Choose from 4 editable messages to display to logged on users. - Efficient protocol use. Doesn't use RDP. - Can re-schedule a reboot/shutdown even if someone else has already scheduled one. - Windows machines only. Macs can not be rebooted or shutdown with ServerControl. SERVICE CONTROL MANAGER - Start, Stop and Pause services. - Change the startup type of services (Disabled, Manual, Automatic) - Enumeration of dependent services. Even Windows can't do this remotely. - Automatically starts/stops dependent services. CONNECTIVITY - Authenticates using Active Directory. - Automatically uses WiFi or any of the cellular data networks. - Seamless integration with the iPhone's built in VPN. PROFESSIONAL - Developed by professional Enterprise software engineers. - Engineered from scratch specifically for the iPhone. - Reliable, fast, high-quality software. - Excellent product support. NOTES - The ‘Administrator’ account is required when connecting to the remote computer in order to reboot, shutdown, or start/stop services. Please see our web site for more information about this.

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