Sea Weather Professional


Sea Weather Professional

Sea Weather Professional provides nautical Information for the Atlantic, Pacific, North Sea, Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea for professional planning and navigation. Open data from European weather services is processed & enhanced to be used on your mobile device. Get weather reports, forecasts, maps, and NAVTEX radio messages from many European marine weather services. All in one App for all devices iPhone, iPod and iPad. BASIC FEATURES: – Marine weather reports and maps for North Sea, Baltic Sea and Mediterranean Sea – e.g. Coastal Weather Report, Shipping Forecast, Station reports, Wind Forecast, 3 Day Sea Weather Preview – Wind & wave information for all three nautical areas – NAVTEX radio messages for North & Baltic Sea – Distress Assistant for calling MAYDAY / help & sending S O S – Navigation Head Up Display with COG, SOG, LAT, LON, etc. – OpenSeaMap the free nautical sea chart – Checklists, Windcalculator, Nautical Signal Flags, Morsecodes, Clouds – Sharing of reports and maps via e-mail, Twitter and more – Automatic date and time conversions for UTC/GMT time – AirPrinting (Print Weather Reports) ADD-ON-PRODUCTS (VIA IN-APP-PURCHASE) Nautic Pro Package: This package holds 14 powerful features to increase safety on board. – Offline Datastorage: Store reports, maps and other resources to access when offline – Turbo Download: One-tap-update of all weather data (reports, maps, NAVTEX radio messages) – Night vision: Red-Light-Vision ensures that your eyes keep night vision – Anchor alarm: Monitor and log safety of your yacht position in background – Waterlevels: Get access to the latest levels of inshore waterways – European Reports: Get access to all kind of available marine weather info in Europe – USA Reports: Reports & maps for United States Atlantic, Pacific & Alaska regions – Todolist: Keep track of what needs to be done on board & proritize with colorful tags – Telescope: Use the built in camera to magnify things far away – Timezones: World Timezones for a lot of major cities – Morse telegraph: Morse any message via audio or LED flashlight – Compass: Have an easy to use compass whenever needed – Barometer: Measure air pressure & keep history of measurements – Distress-Voice-Assistant: In case of distress let the app speak MAYDAY for you REPORTS & MAPS COVER FOLLOWING SEA AREAS: East Frisian coast, estuary, Helgoland, North Frisian coast, the river Elbe between Hamburg and Cuxhaven, Flensburg to Fehmarn Fehmarn to the east of Rügen, east of Rügen, German Bight, Western Baltic Sea, Southern Baltic Sea, Southwest North Sea, fishing, Forties, Viking, Utsira, Skagerrak, Kattegat, the Belts and the Sound, Bodden East, South-eastern Baltic Sea, central Baltic Sea, Northern Baltic Sea, Gulf of Riga, Engl.Kanal-West-East Engl.Kanal, IJsselmeer, Canary Islands, Alborán / Gibraltar, Palos (between Spain and South West Algeria), Balearic Islands, west of Corsica / Sardinia, Gulf of Lions, Ligurian sea, Tyrrhenian sea, Adriatic Sea, Ionian Sea, Aegean Sea, Taurus, Biscay MORE INFO: ATTENTION: – Use of anchoralarm product is only recommended under safe conditions (i.e. strong GPS signal) – Continuous use of the Locationservices/GPS (e.g. using anchoralarm and navigational instruments) will drain the battery significantly faster than under normal conditions. LICENSE: Sea Weather Professional uses icons from the library we thank for providing these under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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