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SAT Word Slam

Now SAT Word Slam™ teaches TWICE as many words as before! This app now comes with 800 vocabulary words. And BONUS: the poems and definition pages include thousands of synonyms, idioms, and antonyms. SAT Word Slam™ app uses humor, rhyming poems, and mnemonic (memory) clues to teach you hundreds of CRITICAL SAT, ACT, GRE, LSAT, and TOEFL words. The revised SAT (coming in 2016) is going to emphasize "Tier 2" words like "catalyst," "divest," "pervade," and "solvent." They've been in this app along! *** FREE copy of the APP for fellow educators! *** High School English Teachers and College Counselors -- and teachers at SAT Prep Companies: we'd like to give you a FREE Copy of SAT Word Slam. Just request a download code by sending an email to and tell us your name and school/organization. FEATURED on the App Store in "What's Hot," "New and Noteworthy," and the EDUCATION COLLECTIONS: "Test Prep" and "Exam Time." Also chosen by Apple to be a Demo App in Apple Retail Stores. ** Winner of Common Sense Media's ON For Learning Award! ** (Chosen as one of the 50 best apps, games, and websites for education.) USA Today calls SAT Word Slam™ "The cream of the crop among SAT study apps." Featured (and lauded!) in a 2015 Wall Street Journal story about SAT Vocab apps. The Free version - SAT Word Slam™ FREE - teaches 25 words and lets you try a fully functioning version of the app. Within the free app, just tap "Buy Full App" and you'll soon be learning 800 critical SAT words. ** Read/listen to each poem twice and focus on its "Remember This" clue, and you should be able to learn a word a minute. It really works. ** Voice actors read the poems for you, so the power of audio makes the definitions stick even faster! A GREAT FEATURE designed with Teachers in mind: PLAYLIST! Create a list of words for focused study—perfect for classroom use. Save as many individualized PLAYLISTS as you like. Most vocabulary apps and books are just a bunch of flash cards and test questions. But FLASH CARDS are outdated (and they’re boring). That’s just not teaching. And studying hundreds of vocabulary words by rote won’t help you remember the definitions for long. But your memory will LOVE the rhyme, audio, and “REMEMBER THIS” clues in the SAT Word Slam™ app. You’ll be amazed by how quickly you’ll learn the meanings of words and how well you’ll remember them months and years from now. "You feel enmity for your ENEMY." "Prowess makes you feel PROUD." "Expunge is to wipe away, as you do with a SPONGE." "A bastion can't be BASHED IN." "Bumptious people will BUMP you out of line." These are "REMEMBER THIS" clues, and they really work. * Voice actors read short vocabulary poems for you. * Proven-to-work “REMEMBER THIS” clues make the definitions easy to remember. * Design your own lessons by marking words “Easy” and “Difficult.” * Create your own PLAYLISTS to focus on specific words. * Thousands of test questions help you gauge your progress. *** This app uses EVERY TOOL POSSIBLE to help you learn and remember the definitions: synonyms, words in context, idioms, contemporary and historical references, humor, mnemonic clues, and audio. *** And CHECK OUT THIS FEATURE: Whenever you choose an incorrect answer in an untimed test, you can flip to the other side of the app to learn the word you should have chosen and then return to the test you were taking. That's teaching! *** Solvent. Garner. Raze. Edict. Innate. Supplant. *** What do they mean? Let us teach you these and hundreds more—fast. The fastest way to increase your SAT score is to improve your vocabulary. And the fastest way to improve your vocabulary is by using The SAT Word Slam™. (And have a few laughs while you’re at it.) We listen to all the feedback from our users, and we improve the app based on what you ask for! ** Based on the book The SAT Word Slam™ by Jodi Fodor, MFA. Please visit

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    Our whole family enjoys learning new words from the creative poems”
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    And I love the word of the day notifications
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