SAT Vocab Practice For Dummies


SAT Vocab Practice For Dummies

The SAT Vocabulary Practice For Dummies App focuses exclusively on the vocabulary you need to optimize your verbal score on the SAT exam. You’ll quickly increase your vocabulary with flashcards, practice tests, word lookup, and the ever popular Word of the Day. Discover fun ways to incorporate new vocabulary into your daily routine, such as getting out of gym class or chores, placating an irate parent, refusing a date, bamboozling a traffic officer, or leaving a legacy in your yearbook. This app features proven study methods, such as making associations, repetition, and paying attention to prefixes, suffixes, and roots of words. Whether you have weeks or just days before the test, SAT Vocabulary Practice For Dummies App will build your vocabulary and boost your test scores. App Features - Flashcards - Hundreds of easy-to-use flashcards feature the most widely tested words and definitions. Once you know the word, you can save in a separate stack, so you can focus on building your vocabulary with new words. BONUS: Our flashcards feature an option where you can study the prefixes, roots, and suffixes – everything from anti- to vid. - Test Yourself - Four, real-world practice tests give you a feel for what to expect on the test. The customizable practice tests offer 25 questions each and illustrate the meaning of words by placing them in the context of a sentence—usually through humorous stories. The ability to flag questions and then review only those questions gives you practice on what you need the most. Plus, detailed explanations are provided for each correct answer. Automatic scoring at the end of each test lets you easily track your progress. And you can review all the answers at the end of each test or just the ones where you got the answer wrong. An exclusive Genius Test with 50 questions challenges even the most gifted vocabulary student. - Word Lookup - A comprehensive, alphabetical listing of the most common words found on the SAT gives you an opportunity to review words at your own pace. Search for a word with ease. Complete with definition and handy “rhymes with” tips for pronouncing tough words, you’ll have a superfluous (excessive) vocabulary and you may even be sanguine (cheerful or optimistic) about the test. - Extras - Plenty of extra features get you test ready with real-world examples and applications. Inside the app, you’ll discover: - An overview of why paying attention to prefixes, roots, and suffixes can increase the number of words you are able to identify. - How making word and people associations can increase the number of words you are able to recall. - The importance of Repetition, Repetition, Repetition – incorporate new words into your vocabulary and keep using. - Ways to use compliments and put downs to remember more words. - Why putting new vocabulary words into tweets, e-mails, status postings, and school assignments will increase not only your own vocabulary but the vocabulary of those around you. Study on the go and where ever life takes you with SAT Vocab Practice for Dummies. With this app in your study toolkit, everything you need to know to ace the verbal part of the SAT is right at your fingertips. So whether you’re taking the test for the first time or the tenth, this app covers what you need to know to get test-ready. Have a question or would like to share your feedback, please send us an email at:

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