Sabre eFlight Manager


Sabre eFlight Manager

Sabre eFlight Manager is a cutting edge Electronic Flight Bag solution that provides you with a suite of tools for all phases of flight. Sabre eFlight Manager automates the process of collecting all the information for your trip by ingesting flight plans from your flight planning system of choice. A comprehensive and complete package is then generated containing all the latest information required for your trip such as MET, NOTAM, Upper Wind and Temperature / Significant Weather charts and documentation. As well as being a system for delivering data for your trip, Sabre eFlight Manager has the ability to capture information from the flight crew. Information such as refuel records, actual flight times and actual fuel on board are uploaded to the ground server for immediate analysis and reporting, giving you a greater situational awareness at all levels of your organisation. Major features include: -ARINC 633 flight plan ingestion. Pre-flight Briefing -METAR data with green, amber, red coloring based on configurable minima. -TAF for each airfield. -NOTAM for each airfield. -SNOWTAM for each airfield. -Weather trend over six hours. -Update facility to receive the latest data for your trip. -Upper Wind and Temperature / Significant weather charts relating the regions of your trip. -FIR NOTAM, ASHTAM and SIGMETS. -North Atlantic Tracks. -Operational notices. -Operational Flight Plan used to generate the trip data package. Trip -Crew and times for the trip. -De-icing records. -Delay records. -Ground services used. -Reports such as ASR, MOR. -Trip Log for capturing actual flight times, fuel on board, etc. -Trip report for displaying flight times and fuel burn for each sector in the trip. Library -Displays library documentation that is relevant for your trip. Map -Displays the route and current position of the aircraft. -Displays airfields relevant for the trip color coded based on weather minima. -Displays the NOTAM radius. -Displays the North Atlantic Tracks. Scratch Pad -Captures text notes. -Captures drawings. -Captures ATIS data as a drawing. System Info -Displays a table of information such as software version numbers and registration details. -Transmits support information to assist you with any queries.

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