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The RPG Toolkit is for role-players to aid them in common tasks that are performed at the gaming table. You can roll dice, draw cards, track all of your PCs and NPCs, and take notes which you can search later. It's a place where you can keep all of your information about a game. One of the main features of RPG Toolkit is the ability to sync character & note data from the web! You may create characters and notes on the Fear the Boot-hosted website and then, with the press of a button, send all the information to (or from) the app! RPG Toolkit's die roller allows you to choose from all of the major die types and also has the ability to support exploding dice. You can also create your own dice (3d9+5) or even use Fudge Dice (+, -, [blank]). RPG Toolkit can also simulate drawing cards from a deck. This could be useful for certain games where the initiative is determined by drawing cards, and cards also have a myriad of other uses in games as well. The RPG Toolkit can be used to create a list of player characters and non-player characters, and you can store attributes for each. The app is system-independent, so you can create any stat you want (Strength, Constitution, Swimming, Psionic Powers, etc.) and give it any value you want (16, +3, d8, 2d12, etc). Also, when you've finished making the character, you can e-mail a character sheet to your GM or anyone else you see fit. Also, RPG Toolkit comes with a searchable notes system. Can’t remember the name of the planet with the blue aliens? Save it as a note. You can save as many notes as you want, and so it’s helpful to be able to come back and search for “blue alien” later on.

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