Rotary Swing Golf Instruction Videos


Rotary Swing Golf Instruction Videos

TOP RATED GOLF INSTRUCTION APP IN ITUNES! Quick tip golf apps and videos have failed you. Finally, get the REAL answers to the golf swing you've been seeking. Based on FACT, not FADS. With the 35+ FREE videos (2+ hours of footage!) in this app, you CAN make dramatic, observable improvements to your golf swing with the Rotary Swing Tour (RST) swing system. I'll teach you "HOW to move your body" rather than just telling you to put your club in certain positions. For example, you already know what Tiger's old, near-perfect top of swing position looks like, but you've never been able to achieve it. Until now. You'll learn the 3 simple movements–rotation, elevation, flexion–that can actually have you looking like (old) Tiger in as little as 15 minutes. The entire Rotary Swing Tour (RST) swing was developed by top golf instructor Chuck Quinton and researched by a Ph. D. Biomechanist from the US Olympic Committee and multiple orthopedic surgeons to ensure its safety on the human body. RST is a blended motion of simple movements that are easy on the body and produce powerful, effortless golf shots. You can learn the basics in these free videos. NOTES: • Internet connection needed to watch videos. THE RST SWING SYSTEM: • Complete, consistent step-by-step system (no random golf tips) • 100% based on scientific research • Back & body friendly with full medical panel support • Efficient and powerful, producing tour-caliber ball flight FREE VIDEOS: • 100+ videos, 3+ hours of instruction • Setup to Follow Thru • Learn "how to move" your body to finally hit those elusive, world class club positions PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP: • Get 350+ videos, with NEW VIDEOS ADDED EVERY MONTH! • Ingrain your dream swing faster with my groundbreaking "5 Minutes per Day" drill-based learning series, developed from the latest research about how your brain learns new movement patterns. • Eliminate any confusion with the most detailed, yet clear and concise instruction you've ever seen. • Master your ball flight with advanced videos showing you exactly how to control trajectory and curvature with small tweaks to your "stock" RST swing. • Increase your lag immensely, in as little as 10 minutes, with the "Secret Key to Creating Lag" video! • Drive the ball up to 40 yards farther using the Bomb Your Driver Bonus Series! • Improve your fitness and swing at the same time with a workout routine where exercise reps double as swing practice reps! ROTARYSWING GOLF PREMIUM MEMBER REVIEWS: "Chuck Quinton is the most knowledgeable golf instructor that I have ever met, and I have worked with what is considered four of the world's top instructors, including nos. 1, 2, 3. Chuck explains aspects of the swing so well. He not only tells you what to do, but also HOW to execute it." -Rudy V. | 13 Hdcp | Houston, TX | 11/18/2010 "Clear explanations of many aspects of golf technique, focused on an inside-out (how to move your body) rather than outside-in (how to move the club) approach." -David P. | 4 Hdcp | Los Altos, CA "I must say that I'm delighted with the results of being a subscriber to your great Website for only 2 weeks. I've shot rounds of +4, +2 and -1 in the 2 weeks since working with your fundamentals." -Craig | 12/20/2009 "RST rocks, and working on a more simple swing has helped me in terms of reduced pain, more ball control and a much less busy mind out on the course." -Dean | 2/27/2010 "I dedicated myself to RST 3 months ago and shot my 3 lowest rounds (74,76,77) ever in my last 5 rounds played." -Manish | 7/20/2010

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