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Roll Call News

Since 1955, Roll Call has been the source for objective and non-partisan news and analysis of the people, politics, and personalities of Capitol Hill. From our vetting of Members of Congress to the investigating and uncovering of legislative scandals, reading Roll Call is an everyday ritual on Capitol Hill. When Congress goes home to campaign, we hit the road with them. And when Congress works until all hours of the night debating a controversial bill, Roll Call reporters are up with them, bringing our readers up-to-the-minute analysis. Stay connected to the political debate in Washington. Download the easy-to-navigate Roll Call app today and become an insider. Features: - Create news streams by person, location or topic - Create alerts, sent by email or push notification - Roll Call breaking news - Hand-picked Capitol Hill news aggregation - Twitter aggregation of Capitol Hill thought leaders - All of Congress’s Tweets - White House Tweets - Member and White House press releases

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