Role: A Role Playing Party Game


Role: A Role Playing Party Game

Imagine limitless adventures with Role, a group storytelling game for iOS! Finally, a tabletop role playing game you can keep in your pocket. No more piles of dice, complex rule books, long turns, or pencils and paper. Role is designed to give you everything you need, right on your iPhone. Setup is fast, learning is easy, and playing is simple. Gather your friends, become fantastic characters, and go on wild adventures. The only limit is your imagination. Features: • Fast setup and gameplay. Role turns tabletop storytelling into a party game! Play any time, anywhere. • Simple, clear character creation. Choose from a variety of different heroes, or create your own! • Save your characters and return to them later to continue your adventures! • A wide library of unique adventure scenarios. Play a different story every time! • Personalize your characters and adventures by uploading custom background art from your phone! • Focus on the fun! Role handles all the complex dice rolls and stat-tracking, so you don't have to. • Never get stuck mid-adventure. Tap the Role Button at any time for new, unexpected story ideas! Role is the tabletop storytelling game that goes where you go. Whether it involves deep space, dragons, super heroes, zombies, or a herd of pugs, there's no story you can't tell! Let's imagine together.

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    Finally a tabletop role playing game you can keep in your pocket”
    RPST: Role Playing Story Telling
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