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Rapid Scanner - QR Code Reader - Barcode Reader - Shoping assistant

QR Code of professional scanning tool, simple to use readily a film at a glance all.AppStore Recommended APP ! QR Code, also known as the two-dimensional bar code, two-dimensional bar code first invented in Japan, it is certain geometry according to certain rules in the direction of plane (2D) distribution of black and white graphic record data symbol information cleverly placed to code compilation - Constitute the basis of the computer's internal logic "0", "1" is the concept of a bit stream corresponding to a number of binary geometry to represent text numerical information is automatically read, through the image input device or the photoelectric scanning device to achieve information - Automatic processing. Barcode technology it has some thing in common: Each symbology has its specific character set; each character occupies a certain width; checksum function. It also has a different line automatic recognition and processing graphics - Rotation change. This is the fastest QR Code scanning and decoding tools, to ensure the fastest open Software decoding. Optimization algorithm to optimize the query time. Fight for every millisecond in the actual use of the process for the user! Earnestly function subtraction, the focus of the two-dimensional code decoding and generation services. Long Between the focus to do the best. ************************************** Feature: 1. Simple, stylish UI interface 2. Share to different social network 3. Quickest scanning speed Automatic identification of the QR Code and barcode 4. upport the scanning of all kinds of QR Code and Barcode 5. Concentrate on the pursuit of the ultra-fast recognition speed, ultra-high scanning success rate! 6. Quickly and easily is our consistent design philosophy! ************************************** 7. long-term focus on the field of QR Code, the first choice for millions of users, and rave reviews: "Scan speed is a good helper for life." Excellent software support, the interface is simple! Thank the developers! " "Indeed it is the fastest scan code software!" "Vague can scan successfully, like this one!" "Is the work of essential goods and recommend it to many of my friends." Tips: The QR Code code is a readability of the bar code, mainly used in network resources, storage and transmission of information, confidentiality application, logistics tracking, backup applications

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