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** Within the top 35 best selling reference application in more than 25 countries, including: Austria (#6) New Zealand (#8) Ireland (#12) Finland (#18) Canada (#32) Hong Kong (#32) Australia (#35) South Korea (#35) R is a free statistical, graphing and data manipulation software. Anyone who works with data can benefit from using R, unfortunately it is very hard to learn. Created by Dr. Shidan Murphy, an award-winning scientist and educator, R Instructor allows you to run RStudio through a web server from your iPad or iPhone (Note: This is a public server that requires an internet connection -- do not expect to accomplish serious computing) and teaches R using plain, non-technical language and over 30 videos (that's over two hours!). The number and scope of the videos and content will continue to increase. R Instructor will teach you how to use R, how to make and modify plots and run statistical tests. Each example includes a very brief (and easy to understand!) description of the function or test, any statistical assumptions, how to structure your data in R, the R scripts (code) and, links to other free and online resources. Where appropriate, the Mac, Windows and RStudio versions of the R interface are explained separately. R Instructor comes complete with 10 Quick Reference guides and a comprehensive search feature so you can quickly learn more about a function. **** As added bonus **** Use our online forum to get help from other R Instructor users. Use the "Which test?" feature to guide you to the correct statistical test --Just answer the questions about your data! See a demonstration of R Instructor at, www.Rinstructor.com Use R Instructor to... Run a public web server implementation of RStudio (do not expect serious computing power -- this server is for testing and debugging scripts) Ask R questions on our forum Learn R's fundamentals: - R's interface - Create objects - Install libraries\packages - Import and export data and plots - Merge data frames - Exclude redundant data between datasets - Import dates - Create custom functions - Summarize data frames and matrices - Perform calculations - and more... Learn how to make and customize plots: - Box plots - Bar plots - Histograms - Line charts - Scatter plots and scatter plot matrices - Add and customize legends - Add custom axis labels - Modify the size, shape and colour of point markers - Add axis titles - Add lines, text or points to an existing plot - Add colour to the plot background, border lines… and just about anything else! Learn these (and more) statistical tests: - One-sample t-test - Two-sample t-test - Paired t-test - Correlation - Rank correlation - Linear regression - Multiple regression - Logistic regression - Log-linear models - F-test - One-way ANOVA - Two-way ANOVA - One-way repeated measures ANOVA - Two-way repeated measures ANOVA - Regression and Classification trees - ANCOVA - MANOVA - Principal Components Analysis - Linear discriminant function analysis - Redundancy analysis - Friedman test - Wilcoxon signed rank test - Kruskal-Wallis test - Chi-square test of independence - Binomial test - and more… Plus, - Over 30 videos - 10 Quick Reference Guides - A comprehensive search feature - The "Which test?" feature – An assistant to guide you to the appropriate statistical test - A forum to get help with those questions you just can't solve!

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