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Questions - Ask and Answer

Imagine being able to see and hear what others around the world think about a topic that interests you; how they feel about an issue; how they live; what they believe; even tips and suggestions they may have for you. Imagine they're equally curious about how you see the world. Just ask any short question and instantly get answers from people all over the world. Questions is a compilation of people asking real questions and getting real replies from people all over the world. You simply ask a short ten second video question, and everyone with the app sees it. Instantly, people begin to reply by sending in their answers, also in form of ten-second video replies. Would you rather be blind for a decade or deaf for life? What does "turn up" mean in the slang world? What do different people all over the world think of Miley Cyrus? If you were never to use a word again, what word would that be? How did twerking come to be? What is the deadliest animal in all of human history? These are real questions. Informative, thought-provoking, sometimes silly, and handy for real life help on the go, Questions is a repository of everyday conversations between people. You may know your way to the biggest library in New York, or where to purchase the freshest bananas while vacationing in Rio de Janeiro, but do you know that there are three not two restaurants in your neighborhood? Even more intriguing, do you know that a fetus develops fingerprints at eighteen weeks? How about this: do you know there's an insect that tastes with its feet, or that every 45 seconds, a house catches fire in the U.S.? These are interesting questions; real questions by real people like you and us, answered by real people all over the world. This app comes to people's minds when they think of these words or names: Miley Cyrus, Adele, Justin Bieber, Usher, 2 Chainz, skype, q&a, youtube, turnup, turn up, turned up, turnt up, turntup, fb, facebook, SAT, video chat, Stanford, iOS 7 look and feel, whatsapp, vine, twitter,, snapchat, messenger, tango, instagram, kik, selfie, FOMO, hella, fosho, derp, ooh killem, swag, wechat, meerkat, periscope, and of course, teenagers. COMMUNITY: ● Engage in fun casual conversations or deep philosophical ones. ● The more answers your question attracts, the more popular you become. ● All questions and answers cannot be longer than 10 seconds. ● See people asking and answering short 10-second questions. ● When your question is answered, you will be notified. ● Follow awesome people and get notified when they ask questions. FEATURES: ● Front and back camera support. ● Enjoy on iOS 6, iOS 7, and iOS8 devices. ● Instant single-click sharing/posting to Facebook. ● Privacy control. You can ask questions without posting to Facebook ● Automatically save a copy of your 10 second video question or answer to your iPhone/iPad (camera roll). Do this simply by granting the app your permission when it asks for access to your Photos. CONTACT: Contact us anytime at:

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