pwSafe - Password Safe compatible Password Manager


pwSafe - Password Safe compatible Password Manager

==> USING iOS 8 or 9 ? DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS. LOOK FOR PWSAFE 2 INSTEAD. <== Easy, secure and full featured password management across devices and computers. pwSafe uses iCloud or Dropbox to keep your password databases backed-up and synced between your iOS devices and computers. It is compatible with open source Password Safe. No in-app purchases are needed for unlimited usage, including iCloud sync (see below). Now available for the Mac with iCloud Sync - This application is not related to any application developed and/or marketed by PSafe Tecnologia S/A, including PSafe Total. == Videos of pwSafe in action: == About the in-app purchases: - No one of them is needed for unlimited use of pwSafe, including iCloud safe. - The 'Dropbox Sync' in-app purchase enabled Dropbox Sync - The 'pwSafe Cloud' subscriptions enable two optional services, which are unrelated to Apple's iCloud: - Cloud Backups: unlimited backups for your safes - Cloud Memory: a secure way to avoid entering your password when launching the app == What people are saying about pwSafe: ***** "Brilliant! - Passwords in sync at last!" -- Daddio1946 from Australia ***** "Great integration and support - PasswordSafe is great and this app makes it even better! Easy to setup and use. Their support for big fixes is great and the turn around time is short." -- Joeartz from the USA ***** "Very good, better than it's rivals, does what it's supposed to do AND the copy-feature is EX-CELLENT!" -- WaiWera from New Zealand ***** "I highly recommend this app for anyone who has a large number of usernames or hard-to-remember passwords." -- razor11401 from Canada ***** "Excellent tool for multiplatform password storage - Excellent tool that enhances my online security by creating complex and long passwords without the inconvenience of retyping them time and time again." -- AmberTiara from Neaderland == List of features: - Smart Pasteboard: tilt your device face down to switch between username and password when using other apps - Print a hardcopy of your data - New iPad with Retina display & iPhone 5 support - iCloud sync, realtime and bi-directional - Dropbox sync**, fully automatic and bi-directional - Password generation - Master password - Universal binary - iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch optimized - Compatible with the famous open source Password Safe desktop app - Search all fields - Organize entries in groups - Single tap password copy to clipboard - Single tap password copy to clipboard and open website - Clear password from clipboard after one minute - Multiple fields (title, username, password, URL, email and notes) - Full unicode support - iTunes file sharing - Receives safes as e-mail attachments (please name your safes with a .psafe3 extension) - Opens safes from Dropbox (free without sync, paid otherwise) - Export to PDF (encrypted, of course) - Password history (per safe and per entry settings) - Named password policies - Fully compatible with Password Safe version 3.31 file format - Multiple safes - Unlimited passwords - Unlimited password groups - Open source ** Syncing via Dropbox is an In-App purchase. Instead of trusting on a single developer security knowledge, pwSafe borrows all its encryption code directly from the famous Password Safe open source password manager ( Password Safe has been originally created by security guru Bruce Schneier and nowadays is maintained by Rony Shapiro. Since it has been around as an open source project for almost a decade now, it has been extensively reviewed by many experts.

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    I have used several other password keeper applications and programs”
    This is the best password program out there”
    App works great to securely store passwords and other private info”
    Works great for keeping track of passwords across multiple devices”
    Been using it to manage my passwords for years”
    According to others even cross platform with password gorilla”
    I intensely dislike that the Dropbox integration is a hidden IAP”
    Convenient and safe way to keep track of my dozens of passwords”
    Smart pasteboard and cloud sync are great”
    My company uses Password Safe on all our laptops”
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    Nothing here… Users found nothing but good things to say about this app!

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