PT Timer Lite: Stretch & Exercise


PT Timer Lite: Stretch & Exercise

Prepare! — Start! — Release! — Repeat! — Switch! • ”I tried quite a few and this is the best one hands down!" • ”I might actually DO the exercises my PT prescribed, thanks to this app!" • ”I've looked at many timers for stretches, floor exercises, weight lifting... and this is the perfect one!" Timer and counter with verbal audio and visual cues. Physical Therapy or Personal Training: this app keeps time, counts reps and sets, and tracks your progress. Enter your own exercises and setup your entire workout. Clear verbal commands and chimes keep you going, while you can listen to music or focus on something else. If you are learning a new exercise, then put pictures and notes into this app, and watch them before you start the exercise. LITE LIMITATIONS: The Lite version is free and fully functional, but limited to storing only 3 exercises. If that's all you need, then use this app forever. If you want more, then buy PT Timer. PLEASE NOTE: This app does not come with any exercises or instructions. You enter exercises, parameters and instructions for your own needs, and you can share them with friends or clients. If you already have instructional pictures on paper, then capture those pictures with the built-in camera function. You can fine-tune the timer settings to fit your own pace perfectly. EASY TO GET STARTED: • Just 4 taps to create exercise and start. • When you’re done, save it, name it, fine tune it. ENJOY THESE BENEFITS: • Avoid counting seconds and repetitions. • Focus on something else while exercising. • Get clear voice cues throughout your workout. • Add photos and notes for directions. • Listen to music from your playlists. • Fine-tune timers down to the last detail. • Create compound routines for entire workouts. • Share and import exercises. • Store settings for up to 3 exercises (LITE). See the PT Timer™ website for documentation and a complete description of functionality. MORE FROM THE REVIEWS: • "I love this app. I use it every day, keeps me honest." • "After my ACL reconstruction I found the PT hard to track...but not any more." • "I am currently going to therapy and bored with counting reps and intervals. To keep on track this app is really helping with my recovery. After using PT Timer Lite - I was happy to buy the full version. I only buy things that really work." • "This is one of the best thought out exercise apps I have found." • "This extremely helpful app has become more than a counter. It has become my workout buddy. Rehab has never been this easy. I almost look forward to exercising because I can concentrate on doing exercises right…" FOR REVIEWERS: We listen to you! If you find problems or limitations, please be as specific as possible, so that PT Timer can be improved. If you found a bug, ------please also send email------ since additional information may be needed to fix the problem, and it is impossible for us to answer or ask questions via the App Store. Thanks for taking the time!

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