IHG® Hotel Deals & Rewards


IHG® Hotel Deals & Rewards

Book 5,000+ hotels across 100+ countries with our travel app to take full advantage of IHG Rewards. Top Features • Receive mobile exclusive rates—only on the IHG app • Review IHG Rewards Club points and redeem them for rewards • Check out from your mobile device and receive an email copy of your bill (at participating hotels) • Explore which brand is perfect for your business trip or vacation Loyalty Guest Offers & Discounts & Features • Access special IHG offers, packages, partnerships and discounts • Earn and redeem free Reward Nights and Points, Digital Reward downloads and so much more with your IHG Rewards Club points • Track IHG Rewards Club points and progress to Elite member status • Turn your phone to display your IHG Rewards Club or Ambassador card • Qualify for special rates using your corporate ID on our hotel app IHG® brands: • InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts • Hotel Indigo® • Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts • Holiday Inn® Hotels & Resorts • Holiday Inn Express® • Staybridge Suites® • Candlewood Suites® • EVEN™ Hotels • HUALUXE™ Hotels & Resorts • Kimpton Hotels®

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  • Highligths
    This is such a great addition to my other travel apps
    Great App for the Best Rewards Program Available”
    Been member for +16 yrs this app is excellent for frequent travelers
    Best hotel app out there and I use them all”
    They are also very generous on their point system
    Very user friendly for the spontaneous on the go traveler”
    Easy to find and book a hotel in 3 clicks in any location”
    It won't remember username so we have to keep logging in”
    I have been a rewards member for over a year now”
    Perfect for business travelers looking for a practical tool”
  • Keep in mind
    The app does not keep you credit card information”

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