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PRG Eng-Jpn Dictionary

The “Pocket Progressive English-Japanese Japanese-English Dictionary” (Third Edition, 2008), a popular pocket-sized dictionary, is now available as an application for iPhone and iPod touch. The Pocket Progressive dictionary is a perfect tool for the busy modern businessperson, as it makes it possible to quickly, efficiently, and stresslessly search for the latest buzzwords from Japan and the U.S., jargon, and new words. The English-Japanese section has 85,000 entries, derived terms, and phrases, and the Japanese-English section contains 100,000 entries and compounds. * On-line support (in Japanese) is available on the Shogakukan iPhone Application site ( You can access that site if you require support. [Easy-to-Read and Convenient Display and Search Function] - The functions and display were designed with a simple and easy-to-read design, to make for rapid searching, allowing the user to immediately find the meaning and translations of terms. - Forward searching is used to allow incremental searches of results. Includes horizontal tiling of the screen. Text can be displayed in three sizes, using pinching. - Includes bookmark and resume functions. - For English-Japanese, searches ignore capitalization as well as spaces, slashes and hyphens. Searches can be done with both single- and double-byte characters, and words from languages such as Spanish, French, and German, can be searched without diacritics (such as accents). - For Japanese-English, Romanization cannot be used. Searches must be in hiragana, katakana or kanji. Searches can be performed without distinctions between unvoiced, voiced and semi-voiced consonants (for example, ta/da and ha/ba/pa), contracted sounds (kiyo/kyo), and geminated consonants (baku/bakku). - Includes data on the 194 sovereign countries of the world, including full-color national flags, country names, and capital. - Features 8x8 English crossword puzzles. Hints are given in Japanese.

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