Poison Maps - North America


Poison Maps - North America

Poison Maps ("POIs on Maps") is a unique semi-offline maps app for when Apple Maps and Google Maps don't show what you need to see. It stores millions of POIs and routes on your device and uses them to customize the map as you require, and to provide enough information to navigate anywhere in North America, even when offline. And yet it only takes up about the same space as one or two music albums. A toolbar at the bottom of the screen allows you to quickly change what is shown on the map, and to easily switch between similar types of POIs. For example if you are travelling then just tap the Transport icon to see airports, train stations, bus and tram stops, ferry ports and much more. Then tap the appropriate icon to see only one type of transport. Most transport types also include route maps, as you can see from the screenshots. When looking for something to do then Poison Maps can show you hundreds of different types of tourist attractions, leisure activities and sports. In an emergency then one tap will show you medical help, police stations, rescue services, embassies, banks, toilets, libraries and much more. Then tap the appropriate icon to show just the type of help that you need. For example tap Health to see hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, dentists, opticians, vets and more. When in town you can choose to see shops, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, hotels, civic buildings, places of worship, schools and much more. In fact you can see practically anything that may be of interest and can filter down to see exactly what you want, even to show individual brands. When hiking Poison Maps shows you hills, named trails, campsites, hostels, drinking water, rescue stations, shelters, huts, outdoors shops, and much more. When cycling you see named cycle routes; MTB trails, cycle repair shops; cycle rental stations; dedicated cycle parking; and much more. When skiing you see colour-coded pistes, lifts and gondolas. When driving you see fuel stations, dealers, repair shops, car parks, speed cameras, rental agencies and much more. POIs are displayed using thousands of icons and brand logos, and can be filtered by type or brand. So you can look for branches of your bank; dealerships for your make of car; places of worship for your religion; restaurants that serve your favourite cuisine; hotels, supermarkets and fuel stations for which you have a loyalty card etc. The app also contains many original features such as • Signs shown to POIs that are off the edge of the screen; • Back/Forward buttons like on a browser to allow you to retrace where you have looked; • A unique patent-pending panning gesture that only requires one touch of one finger instead of lots of multi-finger pinching gymnastics; • Radar and Scanner modes show what is around and ahead of you; • Compass Mode provides completely offline navigation using signs, which are often easier and faster to navigate by than a full map, for example when cycling or hiking; • Zoom out to see the distribution of types and brands and their relative popularity on a regional or country level; And these are just the unique aspects of the app. All the usual map features are also provided such as searching (which is super fast because the data is offline), directions, bookmarks, POI information and much more. Note that the free version includes most of the categories, but the expansion pack is required for food & drink, shops, sport & leisure and driving POIs. This pack only costs a one-off price for all the POIs and is as cheap as the AppStore allows without being free (we have to make money somehow!). Poison Maps is not designed to replace traditional online or offline maps, but instead to complement them with loads of unique features and abilities. It’s free so give it a try!

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