PodBlaster is an audio level normalizing and boosting app for spoken word audio, as well as a silence remover! If you find yourself constantly adjusting the volume while listening to spoken word audio, PodBlaster can help! This app will normalize the volume allowing you to set it and leave it. If you are listening to a podcast and one voice is quiet while the other is deafening, PodBlaster will level out the voices. If you are driving or in other noisy environments, you will be able to hear your podcast and not blow out your speakers. The new silence remover is a unique way to speed up podcasts without distorting the audio. On average it knocks off about 10% - 25% of the playback time from a given podcast! Speeding up your podcasts with the standard speed control makes things sound garbled and sometimes unintelligible. By removing the excess silence between words and long pauses, you save time and wont even notice the difference. The only way to tell that it's working is to watch the seconds on the track timer. There is also a standard speed control that can be used in conjunction or independently. PodBlaster can be used to prevent volume spikes as well as to boost the volume where needed. The simple interface with an added wheel allows you to quickly skip to a precise point as well as jump back AND forward by user selected amounts of time. Additionally, there is an option to jump forward/back within a track instead of skipping to the next/previous track using the headphone or lock-screen controls. -Normalizes audio levels of tracks. -Prevents loud audio spikes. -Unique Silence Remover. -Boosts volume of audio. -Playback Speed Control. -Plays audio from your iTunes Library. -Audio plays in background. -Includes a simple equalizer. -Easy to use interface with seek wheel. -Quickly seeks to precise points, even in long tracks. -Option to jump forward or back instead of skipping tracks using headphone controls. -Will resume tracks where you left off. More information and support at podblasterapp.com. PodBlaster is not a podcast downloading app, it plays podcasts from your iTunes library. PodBlaster cannot play DRM protected files. Podblaster cannot play video.

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