Pocket Dictionary 20in1 Lite


Pocket Dictionary 20in1 Lite

??? Pocket Dictionary 20in1 is a collection of America's leading and most-trusted explicative dictionaries for learning and word discovery! ??? ? ? ? Some of Pocket Dictionary 20in1 FEATURES ? ? ? ? More than 300000 words! ? A–Z dictionary word-wheel for easy browsing! ? Advanced search to explore the word's meaning in all the dictionaries at one time! ? Audio pronunciations of the unknown words and their meanings! ? Lots of dictionaries available for installation in one app! ? No internet connection required for browsing! All available dictionaries: ? English Dictionary and Thesaurus ? Internet slang Dictionary ? Financial Dictionary ? Etymological Dictionary ? Law Terms Dictionary ? Dental Dictionary ? Plants Dictionary ? Astronomy Dictionary ? Slang Dictionary ? Philosophical Dictionary ? Photographic Dictionary ? Culinary Dictionary ? Theological Dictionary ? Geographical Dictionary ? Media Dictionary ? Medical Dictionary ? Dream Interpretations Dictionary ? Metallurgical Dictionary Take our app everywhere and access it any time; we serve academic, business, social and recreational needs, irrespective of age or education level!

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