Pizza Delivery Boy & Girl - Free Edition


Pizza Delivery Boy & Girl - Free Edition

TRY OUR PIZZA DELIVERY BOY & GIRL GAME Hungry Nom Nom monster has invaded your peaceful village to eat all the pizza they can get, as a pizza delivery boy from the IDF pizzeria you don't want to go out of business so you'll have to come up with a plan to make the monsters go away or eat something else. Your pizzeria cook premium pizza with fresh ingredients, a recipe hand down from generation to generation for a long time. So your plan is the throw frozen ingredients and frozen pizzas to the monster, they won't see the difference and they'll go away with a full stomach. You'll have to pick up your fresh premium pizzas left by the monster all over the city, pick them up and deliver them quickly. Pick up enough pizza and you should be able to buy new means of transportation for the whole delivery team. Either by foot, skate or scooter, you'll get your business back to the top in no time. Play as Michel or Monique the 2 best in the business. Jump by tapping the left side of the screen to pick up pizzas, or tap the right side to throw ingredients to the hungry cute monsters. Super Features: - New Level : The Creepy Forest ! Chase the monster in the forest with a new game play for this Chapter - Life System : Each Vehicles has now his own Life points and Strength - More Pizza Slices to pick up than before - Some Monster are harder to kill DOWNLOAD TODAY FOR FREE >>> PIZZA DELIVERY BOY & GIRL GAME Suggestions are welcome! Please send them to us. Join us at:

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