PingMe! - Location Sharing With Friends


PingMe! - Location Sharing With Friends

Check out the newest location-sharing app that everyone is talking about... PingMe! Need to tell a friend, family member, or coworker where you are but don't want to type a long text message? Are you a parent who needs to check up on your child's location to make sure they made it safely to their destination? Heading out for a run or bike ride and want to keep others posted on your progress? Or maybe you just enjoy following your friends' locations for fun? All of these reasons and more are why people love this clean, simple, and easy to use app! * Multiple map modes for viewing location information * Complete history of any location broadcasts you sent to friends * Details of the approximate address of any location * Estimate of the distance between your current location and a friend's location * Clean and easy to use interface with vibrant colors * Upgrade to send short text messages to friends along with your location update Thanks for checking us out, and happy pinging! If you ever have any issues, don't hesitate to contact us at Visit us on the Web at

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