pimss4tablets module was first released in 2012 and was developed in partnership with the Great Places Housing Group. They were keen to develop a solution to enable efficient on-site data collection and automatic synchronisation of survey data with the pimss4communities database. As a result, the solution provides the opportunity for collecting data on site and for rapid transfer to the database without manual input, which removes both costs and the potential for input errors. Mobile data collection provides for: •Wi-Fi and 3G data transfer – easy data transfer to pimss4communities database •pre-population of existing data – surveyors can access existing data so they only need to make essential changes; less keying of data improves accuracy and survey completions •all assets are synchronised to the tablet, so surveyors can complete additional surveys at short notice in response to business needs •simple data validation at input, preventing basic data entry errors •easy navigation and survey input so that data entry suits the surveyor rather than rigid mapping of data input paths Benefits of using pimss4tablets Amongst the benefits of having the pimss4communities system is the ability to use mobile technology to gather survey data. The main benefits are outlined as follows: •increased number of surveys completed in a shorter period of time. Because there is no paperwork, information is easier to manage and it’s possible to carry more data around – so if there is time available during the day, extra surveys can be fitted in. With paper based surveys, surveyors need to input the data from each survey manually, which on average takes a half an hour per survey – nearly as much time as completing the original survey. It is duplicated effort, and there is always the risk of keying errors •reduced risk of paper documents getting lost or damaged by weather; output is always legible •surveyors can plan site visits knowing that data will be stored in the device until they have Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity. The survey data is automatically uploaded onto pimss4communities and the download of new surveys for completion takes place simultaneously •fewer visits to the office creates more time on site •surveyors can complete a survey if they visit a property for another purpose, for example when visiting a void. They can identify work to be brought forward and carried out quickly while the property is vacant •photographs integrated from surveys directly into the database and automatically attached to the correct asset •plans to incorporate asbestos surveys, customer satisfaction and other types of surveys

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