The new photo sharing and social media app for the iPhone… what’s your story? Release your creativity. Create your PikList with a few pictures. Add captions and Pik FX - filters & frames. Post it to PikMobile and Facebook, Twitter, and more. Your story deserves more than one picture and a thumbs up. Get excited when your friends comment on your posts, plus check out whether they Like It or added one of 5 emoticons for Love It, Great Shot, Cool, Cute or Dislike. Ever forget to add a picture to a post and then that one just got lost in an endless newsfeed? With PikMobile’s magic, it’s never too late to add more Piks to your story and keep it all together as your story develops. Plus you and your friends can add Piks to each other’s PikLists to tell the whole story… night out, special event or funny situation. We understand that all your friends are not exciting all the time – so PikMobile allows you to ‘Follow’ everything your friend posts OR choose to ‘Watch’ only the PikList that you care about, so your newsfeed isn’t overflowing with boring junk. PikMobile lets you share your special moments when you’re ready; you decide whether to keep PikLists private, share them with some friends, or post them for everyone. PikMobile puts you in control of your story. Sometimes it’s better to use a PikMessage to send your PikList to just him – or your BFFs – and not post it at all. Go to the Discover section to see trending hashtags, the most watched PikLists, top-ranked users, the most loved Piks, and more. Download PikMobile from the App Store and begin telling your story today.

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