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The PickMeUp app is a location based app to detect the exact address of your current location. (including zip code, street number and administrative district) After detecting the address you can send this information using an automatically created eMail or text message to any recipient you choose from your contacts. Just tap on „Find my position“ at the top of the screen, wait for your position to be detected and then send a message by tapping „Send my position“. Unlike many other location based apps the focus is on the address as much as the position on the map, even though your position is displayed on a map. Examples for using and messaging the exact street address: - meeting your friends in the city, send them your current location (e.g your hotel, a bar you are waiting in) - want to be collected by a friend or family member after a party and send him exact information for his sat nav - give your child the possibility and security to inform you where ever he/she is - your car broke in the middle of nowhere and you wanted to be picked up by a family member or even provide your favorite workshop with tow-away truck with your exact address To find out your position on the map you can start appropriate map app on your device. But none of them show you the exact address with zip code and street number. After PickMeUp has detected your current location you can send this information using eMail or text message. If the recepient has also an Apple device the message will be send using iMessage if possible. The recipient will gets a message with the complete address (including additional regional information like administrative district). A link to Google Maps is added so that the recipient can click on this link to open the map (browser or installed map application) showing your location. The recipient can use this map to navigate to the provided address. Further more the longitude and latitude GPS coordinates are in the message if your are away from roads or if you are on a lake (mobile network required) Private data protection notice: Only your current GPS information is translated into a specific street address. No other information is send to anyone. You have to agree to the use of the location services on your device. Additionally you can send a message to one of your contacts in the device’s address book. Also you have to agree to your list of contacts being read locally to choose a contact. No information will be sent to anyone or any server. If you do not want to give access to your address book you could simple call your contact manually and read the address given for your location.

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