Petals (Menstrual / Period Calendar)


Petals (Menstrual / Period Calendar)

NEW!!! A demonstration video is available at our support site ( or just click the support link below. Petals is a beautiful, discrete, and simple way to note, and to write your own notes about, "those" days. Noting "those" days (as fallen rose petals) is as simple as tapping on a calendar date. Looking months ahead or behind for similar days, or upcoming days when your fertility is at its peak (noted as a single rose), is as simple as flipping from month to month. Mark those special days of intimacy or other "circle that day" occasions by tapping twice on any date. Petals is a menstrual calendar with a clean, easy-to-use interface. Use Petals to record the dates and relative flow of your periods, menses, bleeding, flow, "friend", "Aunt Flo", "curse", etc. Also use Petals to write brief notes about your periods, or your life. Petals dynamically calculates the number of days between your periods, and using that interval, estimates your periods for six months ahead. Petals also estimates your upcoming potentially fertile days since your last menstrual period. Special days, e.g. dates, intercourse, doctor visits, etc. can be easily marked so they can be found at a glance. With Petals, it takes less than a second to record one of your past periods, so you can easily go back and enter all of your periods for the last year in a few minutes. INSTRUCTIONS - Swipe up or down on the calendar to change months - Swipe right or left on the Month-Year header to navigate quickly through months - Tap once on the footer to change modes (Periods or Notes) - Double-tap on the information footer to show the current month - Tap once on the month-year header to toggle the Calendar Lock feature on and off PASSWORD vs. CALENDAR LOCK Calendar Lock prevents stray entry of period information on dates in the calendar, but you still have full access to view the calendar. If you try to enter anything when the calendar is locked, you will see a warning pop up indicating the calendar is locked. (Simply tap the month-year header once to unlock it). If you choose to use a Password (NOT required), that prevents access to the entire calendar and no part of the calendar can be seen until the password is entered. The password has nothing to do with preventing stray entries in the calendar or the Calendar Lock feature. "Periods" Mode - Tap on a date to note a period day or to cycle through flow intensity - Double-tap on a date to "circle the day", or to mark the first day of your period - Swipe right to note past (or predicted) flow for a range of dates (or swipe left to remove) "Notes" Mode - Tap on a day with a note (marked by a fern) to read the note - Double-tap on a day with a note to delete or edit the note - Tap on any day without a note to write a note SETTINGS You have to go to the iPhone application Settings (the icon with gray gears) to set your preferences of whether Petals should show fertile days and predicted periods. This is also where you can set a Password to prevent others from seeing your calendar. IMPORTANT NOTE: Fertile days and predicted periods will not appear 1) if your settings are set to NOT show them (the settings are set to show both now by default), and 2) you do not manually mark the start of each period by double-tapping a date and marking the start of your period (e.g. "Mark Start of Petals" in English, or "New Period" in other languages). KEYWORDS Menstrual calendar, periods, period, cycles, last menstrual period, ovulation, menses, period tracking.

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