Periodic Table Investigator Pro


Periodic Table Investigator Pro

The Periodic Table Investigator Pro is your tool for investigating properties of elements and trends as a function of those properties. Unlike many other periodic table apps which focus on information about individual elements, this one focuses on presenting trends in the periodic table. It extends the standard Periodic Table Investigator by presenting element data in three dimensions on the main screen, with each element cube face showing different properties. Like Periodic Table Investigator, Periodic Table Investigator Pro does provide element data (including name, atomic number, atomic weight, melting and boiling points, category, electron configuration and shells, group and period, oxidation states, molar heat capacity, state, and symbol). Its strength though is the ability to investigate trends of those properties by showing groupings of elements with the same category (shown in the example above) and state (even as a function of temperature), which elements have a property equal to, less than, or greater than a certain value (including many of the text ones) and which elements have properties between two values. Selecting the cube face for the property being investigated allows one to simultaneously see the trend and element value data simultaneously. The main screen allows standard pan and zoom actions so that it is useable on an iPhone, though it is easier to view on an iPad. The Legend and Investigate panels also support pan and zoom. In addition they are translucent to allow the user to see the element color coding while viewing and interacting with them.

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