Periodic Table in 2048 - Memorize Elements by Puzzle


Periodic Table in 2048 - Memorize Elements by Puzzle

It is a new twist to 2048. This is ideal for those who are seeking for fun and educative addictive puzzle. You can learn periodic table by playing great 2048! Do you know which 80th element of periodic table is? Yes, the answer is Hg (Mercury)! If you play this puzzle game, you will come to know all elements of periodic table and definitely your current state of knowledge will reach to a new level. How to play: Swipe the colorful tiles. When two tiles of same elements touch, they will merge into one and you will discover the next element of periodic table. Attaining higher atomic number element will get you points. More the points you gather, more you know about periodic table. Feature: -It contains 110 elements of periodic table -Name, atomic number, atomic weight are displayed for the maximum atomic number element achieved It is fun and extremely addictive. Just start playing and you will discover your huge knowledge gathered unconsciously about periodic table. It is a simple way to impress your teachers, friends and relatives by learning every single chemical element in the periodic table! This is a free app. So it contains 3rd party advertisements. Those who don’t like ads can remove ads only at $1.99 from the app.

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