Periodic Table and Chemistry Calculator


Periodic Table and Chemistry Calculator

ChemiCal is a simple chemistry application that takes a given chemical formula and returns the mass of one mole of that chemical. ChemiCal's Formula Mass Calculator is case sensitive so Co is cobalt and CO is carbon monoxide. Subscripts are entered as regular large numbers so water is entered as H2O. Parenthesis are understood so (NH4)2CO3 is calculated correctly as having 2 Nitrogen, 8 Hydrogen, 1 Carbon, and 3 Oxygen. Non-stoichiometric formulas such as Fe0.86O are also supported. ChemiCal now includes a molarity calculator and a stock dilution calculator. ChemiCal also includes a detailed element database and a color-coded periodic table view. Common element information includes: - Category - Average Atomic Mass - Monoisotpic Mass - Density - Melting Point - Boiling Point - Heat of Fusion - Heat of Vaporization - Specific Heat Capacity - Electron Configuration - Electronegativity - Abundance of Isotopes - Mass of Isotopes - Half-life of Isotopes - Magnetic Property - Electrical Resistance - Young's Modulus - Shear Modulus - Bulk Modulus - Vickers Hardness - Brinell Hardness - Mohs Hardness - Poisson Ratio ChemiCal is being constantly updated to add new user-requested features, so if you have a request, let us know through reviews or email. ChemiCal has been tested thoroughly, but if a bug is found please let us know about it and the issue will be addressed quickly. We are currently working on a highly requested update that will balance chemical equations. However, we do not have an estimate on when this feature will be released. We are also working to add over 20 language settings to ChemiCal including: - German - Spanish - Italian - French - Russian - Arabic - Farsi - Greek - Hebrew

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